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Sentralbord: 35 96 50 00
Postadresse: Pb. 80, 3993 Langesund
Besøksadresse: Rådhuset, Kirkevn 12

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Mandag- fredag: 07.30-15.00


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Management and organizational development

Head of the unit is Liv Rollefsen

Kommunalsjef Liv Rollefsen


Main Tasks in the organisation are:

- Development of salary and personnel administration services, as well as the municipality's employer policy.

- Ensure that there is organizational development and implementation at all levels of the organization and follow up management systems that self-management, employee communications and development, quality of work and training.

- Counseling and guidance.

- Rehabilitation, resettlement and protection services.

- Grooming the local negotiations, ensure audit and maintenance of collective agreements.

- Follow up and implement laws and regulations within the area of personnel policy, as well as the health, safety and security.

- Develop municipal personnel and organization policy, and restructuring strategies.
- Further development of the council's need for general and professional expertise.

- Follow up to local government personnel and pension insurances.

- Develop and implement municipal quality work and be responsible for the quality award.

- System Responsibility in relation to payroll and personnel system.

- Ensure that Bamble municipality is a good training establishments.

- Provide an open and accurate information.


Brochure: "We can do Bamble better!"

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